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Universal Century (Universal Century) ended and came the Age of Change (Reguild Century). Even the chronology began anew. Peace and prosperity came to The earth and other planets of the Universe. In the 14th year of the second Millennium of the Changes on orbit was launched the space Elevator, which he called "Metropolitan Tower". With the help of this invention, the energy generated by the "Photon Battery"flows to our planet. These are the most important energy resources in the world, so the" Tower " is carefully protected.nnThe main character in the Japanese series "Gundam G no Reconguista" - a young man by the name of Beruri Sename. He is one of the soldiers of the Guard, whose mission is to protect the space Elevator. During one of the shifts, Beruri the Tower was an audacious attack. Assailant is extremely nimble mobile suit of unknown design. But, somehow, the young guardsman manages to take the enemy prisoner.nnArmor ruled the girl Ayda Rajaton, a business of space piracy. Despite the fact that a pirate is the enemy, the young man immediately falls in love with. In addition, Beruri is able to make the captured armor. These two facts will change the whole course of the history of the Universe.

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