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Many are quite curious about the story, but boring and boring lessons at school do not cause interest. Here, in each episode, the story of America is told in a rather unusual form. But in this area there are many unsolved mysteries that can be solved only if you drink something stronger before. Each story is different from the previous one and contains the story of an American legend with the participation of many famous people around the world. Also here you can see a description of the life of famous people of the past centuries. For example, there is a story about the life of the first American presidents or revolutionaries advocating the liberation of African Americans from slavery.But don't think that only serious politicians and events will be affected in the series. In addition, you can also see the history of popular actors and performers. A striking example is the story of the fate of Elvis Presley, who for a long period of time was considered a recognized pop idol. However, do not forget one very important fact: all told may be a little at odds with the truth, because the story will be conducted on behalf of a little drunk man who sees everything in his own way.

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