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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
The main character of the series is Richard castle-a famous author of detectives. Rick lives with his mother Martha Rogers and his smart daughter Alexis. Richard castle is known for his detective on Derek Storm. He's a rich, handsome, successful writer. Every girl dreams of becoming his beloved. Fans crave another detective, but after the divorce, Richard "kills" the main character of the book. Being in a creative crisis, castle finds out that the crimes committed on his books and investigate these murders is taken by the new York police detective Kate Beckett. Kate is smart, sexy, and yet she loves Richard castle's books. After learning that castle has no idea about these crimes, Beckett lets him go, but castle is already involved in this case and wants to escape from the creative crisis. After talking to the mayor, Rick can now be on Beckett's investigations while he collects material for his new book. But, no matter how against this Kate, she can't resist the authorities. Rick castle becomes a consultant to the NYPD, his partner-Kate. In the course of the investigation of complicated cases Beckett becomes the prototype of the heroine of books castle — Nikki heat. In the future, books about Nikki Heath become very popular. In his new book series Nikki heat as intelligent, sexy, obstinate, like the one written by the heroine, Kate. When investigating complex criminal cases, castle often explains what happened from the writer's point of view. His murder plots are quite extraordinary. He links the murders to supernatural, alien, and even conspiracy theories, which in some investigations sounds like the truth. Beckett always finds a rational explanation for everything. But even the strongest people have injuries in their hearts and souls. Over time, castle learns that Beckett is trying to hide from all his "injury". He's starting his own investigation into Beckett's mother's murder, which Kate doesn't like. Over time, it becomes clear that the murder of Kate's mother is not one of their ordinary investigations. In it lies a special mystery that Kate and Richard are trying to solve.

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