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Original Title: Wagon Train
  • Genres:
  • Western
Channel: ABC,NBC
Language: English
Description: Action of Godzilla Mark shattering roar and shaking earth: French nuclear tests have created a deadly, mutated giant lizard named Godzilla, takes the course of Manhattan and puts parts of the city in ruins. The biologist Niko Tatopoulos (Matthew Broderick), who is engaged in the radioactive contamination of animals, is scheduled for dangerous mutants, and he (Jean Reno) receives support from the French secret agent Philippe Roache. Together the two men make a horrific discovery: Godzillas unbridled anger is no accident. In order to ensure the survival of humanity, need to act quickly and radically. nHintergrund & about Godzilla nRoland Emmerich's Godzilla is a free remake of the eponymous Japanese classic from 1954. The name of Godzilla is made up of the Japanese words for gorilla and whale. While the Japanese to deal critically with the medium of film to the US nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Americans rely on their old 'enemy', the French back who tested nuclear weapons in the South Pacific at this time. nRoland Emmerich, who did not like the old Godzilla movies, told only on condition that he could turn Godzilla is fully customized. As a result of the complete script and the appearance of the mutants was nixed. But not all changes met with reciprocal love: so Godzilla should be different than in the original Japanese, for example, can spew no atomic beam. The veto outraged Godzilla fans could not prevent this straight. nTrotz the worldwide commercial success (revenue of nearly 380 million US dollars), the American Godzilla movie was V. A. Japanese fans of the series not deemed worthy. The critics slaughtered Emmerich's Godzilla without mercy and the film was significantly honored as worst remake with a Golden Raspberry Awards. Also supporting actress Maria Pitillo received the counter-Oscar for her 'outstanding' performance - as seen from below. Originally, two sequels were planned for Godzilla, but these were scrapped due to negative criticism. (JW)

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