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Original Title: Unter Uns
Channel: RTL
Creators: Ray Kolle,Jörg Brückner
Description: Act of 1984 nIn the context of the one-minute commercials a dystopian society is shown. As in science fiction in 1984 from the pen of George Orwell marching expressionless men in lockstep with dreary corridors and adopt further in front of a giant telescreen place on the Big Brother (David Graham) said to them. nHe dictates the "association of ideas" while a young woman, the heroine (Anya Major), runs along a sporting apparel one of the drab corridors, pursued by armed members of the Thought Police. As the protagonist reached the great hall, she shattered the telescreen with a sledgehammer. Then announces a voice off following slogan: "On January 24, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll see why 1984 will not be like 1984 ". nHintergrund & about 1984 nThe commercial was implemented in 1984 by director Ridley Scott, who had already banned a bleak future vision to the big screen two years earlier with Blade Runner with a budget of $ 900,000. Its premiere he celebrated in the Super Bowl in 1984. Originally, Apple had secured a 90-second advertising slot. However, the Board was far from enthusiastic about the clip, after which they tried to make shopping reversed. nLetzten end could be sold again just 30 seconds, so that was presented in 1984 in its present form of one minute running time the audience. The response has been overwhelming - today the commercial is performed regularly in leaderboards its kind and could enter various awards over the past years. The Macintosh itself, however, is only dimly visible on the top of the hammer thrower. (MH)

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