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In the distant future, there is only one country Heliad, there has long been weight belongs to the officers, they all manage and all of them must obey unquestioningly. The officers themselves live a carefree life. Only now they have one problem, all their lovers are infertile. Scientists have no idea why this is the case and why these women can not bear children. However, they still needed heirs by all means. And for this purpose in the special camp there are women who have no rights and who have to give birth to officers of children. All women that there are have long been resigned to his fate. She just humbly bear your duty and give birth to one child after another. But even among them is a woman who completely disagrees with the established regime. She wants her free life back, which she had before she was dragged here by force, and she wants to fight for her child's future. But that actually can make one woman when everyone else prefer to do nothing and just simply afraid to speak out against the system. Or, thanks to her courage, these maids will be able to achieve rights and freedom for themselves, and they will also be reckoned with?

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