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Original Title: Niños Robados
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: Canale 5
Description: Court TV movie drama directed by Salvador Calvo ( 'The Duchess',' Alakrana ') and scripted by Helena Medina ('23 -F: the hardest day of the King', 'Mario Conde, the glory days') that addresses the story of the stolen in Spain during the years 70.Violeta babies (Macarena García, 'Love in troubled times', 'Punta Scarlet') and Conchita (Nadia de Santiago, 'Punta Scarlet', 'Love in troubled times') are two Spanish youth of the 70s residing in different parts of Spain and experience different lives. Violet is an innocent young man who lives in a village, while Conchita is the factory worker who is forced to marry against her will. When both become pregnant, they are forced to face their pregnancy alone: ​​Violeta runs away to the city to not spend their pregnancy in the village, and Conchita breaks social rules to leave her husband. But when the day comes they give birth, the fate of both crosses. The two women arrive at the same clinic, and put into the hands of two dark characters that will cause their pregnancies end of esperada.Elisa form (Alicia Borrachero, 'Central Hospital', 'Journalists') and Ricardo (Eduard Farelo, 'There's someone there,' 'Toledo'), on the other hand, they are a wealthy couple who can not have children. Desperate to give his wife what she craves, Ricardo reaches an agreement with a doctor unscrupulous promises get them a beb.Años later, the lives of Violet and Conchita give an unexpected turn when a stranger comes before them for desvelarles the truth of the day that gave birth: actually their children did not die, but they were stolen. Responsible for bringing to light the truth will Susana (Adriana Ugarte, '' The Lady ',' The opposite of love '), a determined and ferrous ideal young man who tries to solve the doubts about his past and will not hesitate to face Sor Eulalia (Blanca Portillo, 'Seven Lives', 'broken embraces', 'Volver') and Dr. Mena (Emilio Gutirrez Caba, 'Gran Reserva'), religious and gynecologist who attended both births and are involved in the disappearance of babies.

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