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Original Title: Nanbaka
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Creators: Shinji Takamatsu
Description: The most serious criminals caught in Japan are sent to Namba, a secret prison from which no one has ever been able to get out. Located on an island in the middle of the ocean, it is, in fact, impregnable, even the strongest groups do not break into it to free their people. The government has provided everything and set dozens of levels of protection, so Alcatraz compared to Namba is just an ordinary prison with a couple of small obstacles. Even the prisoners here do not have names, they are determined only by serial numbers. Everyone caught in the walls of the Namba becomes clear that escape from here will not work, but those who regularly try to do it, still there. Wardens with special attention watch the block number thirteen, after all in it there is a four of the most ardent criminalsnumber 11, 25, 15 and 69. Working together, they are not the first time slip out of the camera, skirting locks. However, they never managed to break free. At one stage, they are always stopped and sent back to the block, but as the guards notice, their failures are not too upsetting. 11, 25, 15 and 69 get along well in Namba. There is a constant three meals a day, access to the Internet and even television, they run away just for the adrenaline, never really wanting to leave this place.

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