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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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In a fantastic new project marvel to the six teenagers, will face a serious moral dilemma – a battle with their parents who have given birth to, brought up, on their feet and pointed the way to the future. The road led to a nightmarish opening and now the boys with the girls need to decide whether to continue the villainous company dad and mom or to fight evil.the city in recent years occurred frequently in the spooky stuff, but the guys in nightmare did a terrible thought could not imagine that all evil attacks their cute and fluffy in appearance parents.Alex Wilder is considered a genius and a Prodigy, but his brilliant mind and amazing erudition constantly become an obstacle to the establishment of friendly relations. So the guy was pleased and happy when his home came a company of five bright peers, each of which reclusive hero would be happy to include in the collection friends. The amazing coincidences continue, when suddenly it turns out that the house has gathered not only teenagers, but also their fathers and mothers. Opens a secret door in a dark dungeon young people down a dark corridor and faced with a harsh reality. In front of them like a sinister scene of the theatre, sacrifice a young girl, and do it fierce violence of their closest relatives, which is, in ordinary life, lawyers, doctors, engineers, and TV stars, and in the fantasy world of super-villains they are – time travelers, dark wizards, alien invaders, evil mutants and other terrible characters, United in mystical order pride. br>the Kids of the villains have inherited superpowers of their ancestors, but fortunately and exciting story of intrigue, we look at the world through different eyes. Not murderers and killers, and the defenders, so will the great battle of good and ambitious young Mature ruthless evil.