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An itinerant samurai asks to be allowed to commit in the house of a feudal lord because abject poverty seppuku and thus honorably retire from the world. The resident Samurai smell a trick to get food and money - only to cancel the suicide. To deter similar petitioners, they had only a few weeks earlier statuiert at a young samurai with a similar request one example: They forced him perform with due his suicide immediately before the assembled entourage. To punish him for his lack of honor, they let him use his own 'Knife' also: A bamboo dummy.    nSeltsamerweise the Samurai of the cruel story does not seem to be deterred, but insists on his desire for seppuku. But first he wants to tell his story - because he knew those young samurai very good.    nHintergrund & about Harakiri    nHarakiri (also known as seppuku) is one of the classics of Japanese cinema and comes from director Masaki Kobayashi champion. 2011, the renowned Japanese director Takashi Miike turned the remake Hara-Kiri - death of a samurai.    nSeppuku is the correct term for the ritual suicide among Japanese samurai. Harakiri is a rather obscene derogatory term used to describe the act of "Bauchaufschlitzens".

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