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Heroes of the new British it drama move in the footsteps of famous colleagues geeks from the Silicon valley HBO. They managed to find their own niche in the world of elite coders, startups, entrepreneurs and other representatives of the digital space, make a lot of money and face a fateful choice – to work on or completely surrender to the elements of entertainment.Ewan, Leon, Josh and Watto, best friends since College, together founded a tech company to develop video games and after years of hard work, actively interrupted by epic battles in computer games, managed to sell, frankly speaking, a stupid invention for a mind-blowing 246 million . Thanks to the implemented startup, overnight jerks turn from unattractive computer nerds, obsessed with video games, into respectable British gentlemen with a half of lamas on his brother in a Bank account. it would seem that I Do not want to live, but for geeks, unaccustomed to the status of millionaires, the real drama of life and the real Comedy of circumstances begins only now. After all, large finances nourish the ego, break the established system of values and, most importantly, can destroy long-term friendship. The friends find themselves in the abyss of dramatic passions and their own comical demons, who peacefully dozed deep in the soul of a poor programmer, but played with violent colors when a nondescript coder woke up a millionaire. One begins to mindlessly waste fallen on the head of wealth, the other returned to bad habits of the past, the third is trying to invent himself a new identity, and humble Joshi feels guilty, not knowing how to bathe in the glory and overspend when there are so many unresolved issues.

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