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One philosopher said that patriotism is not a blind love for the Motherland and compatriots, but the ability to sensibly criticize their country and representatives of their own nation. In this sense, the creators of the satirical series "Little Britain" - full of patriots. Comedians David Williams and Matt Lucas ungodly ridicule their neighbors on Foggy Albion, but it costs them no consequences.nnJudging by their heroes, the British-it's on the head of sick people with a lot of deviations, obese and constantly commit ridiculous acts. They wear socks of different colors, even on a Sunny day, leaving the house, take an umbrella and are sure that the greatest invention of all time – a home cat, they made. The British press wrote that the authors "Little Britain" (another translation of the title of the series) initially alien to the idea of political correctness.nnDespite the General monstrously mocking tone of the series, the British like it very much. Thus, in 2004, the project in addition to the audience award also received the highest national awards in the categories "Comedy TV show" and "Comedy actor". Which means the British love Williams and Lucas. After all, we allow only the closest people to laugh at us. And try to do it by someone else!

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