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Millions of people die every day from accidents that are impossible to predict. Half an hour ago, when the news broadcast about some unfortunate incident on the road, the hero did not attach any importance to this, believing that it will not touch, like news from another, distant country, but was shot down an hour later, while walking. And such cases, unfortunately, too much in everyday life. That is why a group of scientists have tried to invent a machine that will learn in advance about this. Thus, the company was founded under the name "life Line". Its staff offers unique, unique services that will prolong life and avoid any tragic cases. In the body of the client, they insert the sensor and using special devices to track its status in the future. If the device shows that a person has died or is on the verge of death due to some disease, then in the future a month in advance sent a person who will try to find out all the reasons for this development of action. Previously, such agents of temporary movements returned back and tried to try to fix everything in real time, to send a person in the right direction, but after the company decided that it is not so convenient and effective. All problems agents began to correct directly in the future, but not always everything goes as easily as it would be desirable. One of the staff of the company goes to the future to help the girl, but there is associated with the bandits who hunt for the client and brutally deal with him. Now another agent for just half an hour to find this girl and save her from criminals, otherwise the reputation of the company will always be spoiled by blood.

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