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Undercover agents are very similar to the most talented actors. The only difference is that if the audience does not believe the actor, he is simply booed. If the agent does not believe the environment in which it is embedded, its just a dunk. Agent Martin managed to survive, going through the most hopeless scrapes – he always believed. He retired, and in order not to be covered with mold, began working as a private detective.nnHowever, blows from the past happen. Suddenly, and for no reason, Martin begins to change. This is the first notice the people around him, and then himself. Many of his talents are annulled: what he was able to do yesterday is not available to him today. Those he remembers how the people close to him, fearfully turning away from him. Martin begins to doubt his own reasonableness. And his condition can not be called a split personality – these characters in his head too much.nnHis past is ruined. It has undergone external information erosion and is no longer recoverable. All of his identities, which he so violently got used to, were fabricated. This is done since his past employers have a new plan for him. After all, he was one of the best "incarnates". But Martin has his own road map – one that will lead him to who he is. To myself.

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