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Gregory house is a great, even somewhat brilliant doctor who has a sharp mind, a very observant person, but with a complex character and a complete lack of pity and compassion for his patients. It is always taken only for the most difficult and incomprehensible cases to other specialists. For him it's like a warm-up for the brain, because you need a good break them to solve the riddle and make the correct diagnosis. It is not easy with House is not only sick, but also colleagues, because he is a hard man, sarcastic and does not miss the opportunity to say a sharp word. Even with the authorities, he constantly conflicts, defending his methods of work. He's also addicted to painkillers, which he takes to relieve pain in his leg. Once he survived a heart attack of the leg muscles, so he has to walk with a cane.
Lisa Cuddy, house's boss, persuades him to recruit a team of assistants, to which he eventually agrees. After a strict selection, his team got: foreman, female immunologist Cameron and chase, who has a very influential father. They are all talented doctors, but they will have to cope not only with diseases, but also with each other's characters.

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