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Centuries later, the planet earth has changed beyond recognition. Previously, most of its surface consisted of water, but years, decades of hot climate all changed. Now instead of oceans, rivers and seas, around the vast expanses of unsteady Sands. In the center of the story is a small island called the Dirty whale, which slowly dissecting the Sands, wanders around the planet. Lives on it no more than five hundred people, so everyone knows everyone in person, although some appearance sometimes changes rapidly. This is due to the fact that all the inhabitants of the island are divided into two castes, and one of them has a specific magic. Possessing it people are called as Shirushi, their possibilities are almost limitless, but have serious consequences. Each magic action takes years of their lives and the stronger the magic, the more it ages them and unfortunately there is no way after to reclaim lost time or eradicate this side effect. The second half is called the Miuns and consists of absolutely ordinary people. They don't have magic, but do not age prematurely, and live a full, normal life. The main character was a guy named Camaro, which refers to Shirushi and works in the local library. One day a big ship is nailed to the shores of a Dirty whale and it is he who is charged to inspect it. The guy finds in the hold a charming girl who wants to help, but how to circumvent all the strict laws that apply to strangers, does not even know.

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