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The Templars emerged as an order because of the constant attacks on pilgrims and Ministers of the Church. They were dedicated to the Pope himself, creating a corresponding list of rules, which the knights must obey. Each of them must give up many temptations for the good of the Church throughout their lives. The Templar has no right to start a family and get married, moreover is generally forbidden any contact with women. They are denied even the delights of food, you can only drink water and bread, and cheese, meat, milk and wine are prohibited. About the profit in the form of gold and jewelry, and we are not talking. However, the reality was different. Such foundations and morality remained only on paper, in life attendants of the order of the very quickly felt its power and the, that hardly someone can them something to ban. They have the reputation of the most fierce warriors, lustful, and kotlovym to drink. Everything that the Church forbade them, they rejected and aggravated. Knights began to take uneasy wives of women, but also to use services of whores

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