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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Western
In the early XX years in America began a real fever, gold fever. Thousands of people threw their homes, sold their meager belongings and went into the unknown in search of the coveted gold. However, not everyone realized the American dream, because most of the "defectors" died of cold, hunger or grueling work. Our heroes are one of the "lucky ones" who decided to find a gold mine in the expanses of their native land. They met at the Yukon river, determined to try their luck together in pursuit of a dream.Six guys are United by one goal: they came here for gold and are ready to do everything to achieve the goal. However, before you find the gold, the guys are waiting for a huge amount of trouble and situations in which not everyone can survive. Bill Haskell is part of a group of unlucky gold miners, he also wants to get rich. Soon the guys realize that the flip side of the American dream is cruelty and deceit. It becomes clear that the real danger comes not from these wild lands, but from people who are willing to kill for the sake of accidentally found nugget. These people are desperate, they've lost all their precious possessions in pursuit of money.

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