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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Horror
  • Crime
The events of the series "I'm a zombie" take place in a quiet American town. The main character Olivia Moore is studying at the medical College, all her peers knew her as a very cheerful and cheerful girl. But one day it changed dramatically. After one of the noisy parties that students like to throw, Liv wakes up and realizes that her appearance has changed very much. Under eyes appeared dark establishment, and skin has become pale as a dead man. Soon this lady realizes that she had a strange anomaly, and she turned into a zombie. She needs to constantly feed her body with fresh human flesh, which she can not afford. So Olivia gets a job as an assistant pathologist to Ravi Chakrabarti. She'll eat the dead when the doctor's out of the workplace. But here is strange, the girl realizes that when she eats someone's brains, it passes the last memories of a dead man. This unique ability has led to cooperation with detective Clive babineaux. Now the heroine helps to investigate the most complex crimes, long ago, just eating the brains of the victimsŠ²Š‚Ā¦

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