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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
The second season will continue to talk about the swindler Maddy, who robbed a huge number of people. The thing is that this girl does not worry at all about what all the people around her feel, she does not worry about children or women, she uses everyone she wants. This girl for all his life cheated a huge number of people while being married to all their victims and cleaning all their accounts. Did not remain without attention and Ezra, which was ready the whole world to present to the feet of this girl, and nothing for her is not spared, but now he's just another victim who lost everything. suddenly, an FBI agent appears In his house, who was also not lucky enough to meet this girl and now he wants to find her and make her answer for everything. Only while these two managed to find a huge number of the same as they victims who were not lucky enough to face this girl. However, over time, they go out and on her trail, but it turns out they still have too much to learn about it before they can finally send her to jail and make people return to them all that she had dishonestly taken away. Just what is really waiting for everyone and are they ready to know the truth?

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