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In order to save another person's life, you need to have courage and determination. It is these qualities can boast of our hero. Christopher chance-a private detective performing another dangerous task. Today, he must prevent the murder of his client, and if necessary, to become a living target for murderers. In order to save another person, the guy decides to become him. Trying on the role of another person, our hero puts his life in new danger. But what to fear if life has long been of no value? A man can die at any moment, but he cares little. Why? This question is asked to our hero by many, but he has never given a definite answer.Chris has a very dangerous job: he has to risk his life to save someone else's. In a dangerous business, he just needs reliable friends and assistants. In the enterprise, the guy helps business partner Winston, as well as a charming guy named Guerrero. Why our hero is not afraid at all? Why he's a stranger to fear and anxiety? What is the solution to this mystery? In fact, for the strange behavior and fearlessness of the detective hiding personal drama. Happy browsing!

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