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Complete TV Series Hua Mulan by CTV(TW). Seasons included: 1,2 in high quality and low size. Click Scroll to download to select the full season.

  • Genres:
  • Drama
The war in the country. Huns threaten the Chinese people. Each house comes news that one of the men should go to battle with the enemy. The family of the young Mulan has only a father. He is old and does not stand the test. Relatives of the girls want to marry her, they train and prepare it. But the beauty is far from that. She secretly takes his father's sword, and under the guise of a young man goes to war on behalf of his family. Liars Mushu accompanies courageous guardian, who was unable to awaken from sleep Great Stone Dragon. Sophisticated tests have to pass Mulan. It should exercise on an equal basis with others and not to show it, no matter how hard. A squad led by Lee Sang. Once the transition becomes fatal. Dragon Mushu accidentally singeing charge and Huns notice warriors. Offensive begins. To the last charge to take effect, Mulan rushes to intercept the Huns. So the detachment is saved, and the enemy forces buried under the snow. The heroine of the injured and during the investigation opened its mystery. Li Shang is obliged to execute a liar, but in gratitude for the heroic act does not touch the girl, and only leaves the pass.

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