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Have you heard anything about Latin American rock? No? Nobody heard that. And he is, like the gopher, which looked at the Sergeant in our film about the difficult everyday life of the army. More precisely, it's not really rock, it's more like a mixture of rock with the popular stage, but our young Venezuelan heroes are very fond of it and are ready to sing even in the basement, secretly escaping to rehearsals from their parents. Sponsors willing to help the young group was found, although he is on a rush, to be honest, sorry. His daughter likes these guys, and he fell for it. Music has connected them, so much so that you will not untie. Not only their passion guys and girls indulge together, but in General in the life of each other without support do not leave, no matter how difficult it may be. And life is usually such a faithful friendship favors, so that all our musicians will be good.