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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Action
  • Crime
Season nine continues to talk about a group of police officers who have been able to solve so many cases, but this does not make them less in Hawaii. These detectives once hired the Governor himself and he believed that the guys will be able to cope with all the difficulties and eradicate crime. And thanks to the freedom of action they really were able to reach quite influential personalities and reduce the number of crimes. But this time they will not be easy, because the freedom chosen one of the serious criminals and starts in a few hours to kill one after the other their new victims. Another detective must make every effort to ensure that his daughter was not kidnapped again, and at the same time and avoid other problems that will only wait for this time. They are waiting for the introduction of new criminal groups, try to stop the criminal and not to commit a terrorist act. All this will not be easy to do and the guys understand it, but because each case is prepared very carefully. However, how will they cope with everything that will fall on them this time and whether they will be able to send all the criminals to jail or there will be those who will be too tough for them and will be able to resist the police?