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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
In the world more than once there were rumors that the end of the world should come soon, every time this information was perceived differently and rarely really seriously. But this time it is not fiction or prejudice. Humanity really will be gone very soon. Each nation reacts to this news in its own way, and we watch the British, who have always been pedantic and looked at the world differently. But at the same time, after all, they once advertised football and forced the whole world to play with them. Who knows what to really expect from such people and what they are capable of. The main characters are also thinking about the scale of panic and whether people will be able to accept the fact that nothing will save them. How will they begin to live their last days? After all, in fact they can do whatever they want and no one will punish them for it. Even heroes can no longer go to work, but for some reason decide to continue to perform their duties and communicate with each other. But it is worth thinking that recently they are constantly in conflict, could never come to a consensus and argued about and without. Are they ready to meet their end and what is really waiting for all of humanity?

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