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The protagonist of the series "happy", Nick Sachs, dishonorably dismissed from the ranks of law enforcement. The authorities did not forgive the brilliant and experienced police officer a number of offenses in the work. The man is disappointed with this attitude to his own person. He started to degrade slowly, got carried away with drinking, stopped taking care of himself. To make a living, he became a killer. Now to him often refer to the murders of competitors entrepreneurs.After fulfilling their orders, Nick always has been stymied in one of bars, where was drowning out suffocation pain and domestic crisis with the help alcohol and random women. But once the hired killer during alcoholic gatherings became very bad and he lost consciousness. The ambulance delivers the man to the intensive care unit and there it is pumped out. Turns out the man had a heart attack.Watching the doctors mess with him, a former police officer suddenly found behind them an unusual creature blue. At first, he took this vision as a hallucination. But then I made sure that this animal is really real. It was accompanied everywhere blue unicorn with an unusual nickname Happy. Later, the main character found out that this is a friend of a girl named Haley. Fabulous creature came to ask for help. After all, someone kidnapped the girl. And the best specialist is now in the hospital room.

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