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In the TV series "Halo: Nightfall" you will be able to enjoy the story which begins with the story of one of the outer colonies of mankind, whose name is Sedra. In particular, we will focus on the captain, whose name is Jameson Locke and his wise command of the military intelligence unit. This unit was ordered to land on the planet and explore it, as there was information that it has a number of terrorist organizations that want to disturb the peace of civilians. During this mission, a special task force was exposed to danger from local radicals. These people now want to do everything possible to completely destroy the squad and continue to engage in their criminal activities, which is associated with the development of biological weapons. This danger threatens only people, because the weapon was developed specifically for this purpose. And now of course the fate of all people depends on the experience of the squad under the command of captain jameson. Do all members have sufficient skills to neutralize the enemy and restore peace to this planet or will they be defeated? More details can be found by watching the series "Halo: Twilight", which not only shows everyone the course of events during the work of the squad, but also how some of them witness the discovery of an alien artifact. Perhaps it is he who will change the course of events of this film and help the main characters fulfill their mission.

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