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Probably, in each person simultaneously exists (with a certain superiority) the angel and the demon. And, as the sages say, the one whom we "feed more" prevails - that is, we turn more to the side of light or darkness. But it happens that these two natures are equally strong –then there is a split personality. Is a serious mental illness described by R. L. Stevenson in his novel about Jekyll and Hyde.nnAnd her artistic rethinking in a modern way happened in the drama "Haideu, Jikil, Na". The main character of the series-a young, cute and cheerful circus performer named Chan ha Na. Fate brings her to two young personalities, like two drops of water. The girl reasonably believes that these are twin brothers. Outwardly, one from the other can not be distinguished completely, but by the nature and attitude to the world, they are complete opposites.nnThe heroine can not even imagine that this is one person – GU and Jean, managing entertainment complex Wonderland. Even as a child, he was injured, which split his personality in half. Since then, it get along as the best and the worst person in the world. Here is such a difficult love triangle is created. And the most complex character like both sides of the personality of the young man.

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