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Good times, bad times: love, friendship, intrigue and fatalities determine the RTL daily soap with cult factor. At the center of & bdquo; GZSZ & ldquo; is a group of mostly young people from Berlin. Connected by friendship, love or family relationships they experience a wide variety of events and fatalities. Also Intrigues play an important role, because not everyone in the neighborhood are Kolle is friendly to. Over the years, the group of the main characters has changed. Some were added, others disappeared from the series, some return with a spectacular comeback. Few characters are since the first episodes. Central places of action are pubs and restaurants, as well as various shops or businesses or the homes of the main characters. In addition to the masonry are also tuner clubhouse and the Town House by Jo Gerner almost every day & bdquo; GZSZ & ldquo; to see. It is about coming-of-age issues, personality changes caused by trauma and other events, different lifestyles, sexual orientation and socially relevant issues such as bullying, suicide, corruption, drugs and over-indebtedness. Also taboo subjects like domestic violence, incest and fake marriage are treated in the RTL Daily. Birthdays of & bdquo; GZSZ & ldquo; are often celebrated with great specials devoted to particular subjects. Whether weddings, kidnappings or dramatic rescue operations, the anniversary consequences are expected by the fans usually with great anticipation. & Bdquo; GZSZ & ldquo ;: Turn Daily The show has been running since May 11, 1992 by Monday to Friday, every day on TV and online streaming on RTL TV and Now. From 19:40 to 20:15 the current episode on RTL in the premiere. This view even before the broadcast TVNow-Plus customers. The repetition of the consequences there the next day at 8:30 pm and online to seven days after the broadcast for free in the stream of TV Now. There are also older sequences are found when you have a Plus account. Cast & bdquo; GZSZ & ldquo ;: stars of the series - Who's playing whom? (2018) Gamze Senol is Shirin Akinci, Niklas Osterloh plays Paul Wiedemann, thaddäus meilinger Felix Lehmann, Lea Marlen Mr Woitack plays Sophie Lindh, Anne Menden is Emily Badak, Daniel Fehlow plays Leon Moreno, Valentina Pahde is Sunny judge, Jörn Schlönvoigt plays Philip Höfer, Thomas Drechsel is Max & bdquo; tuner & ldquo; Kruger, Iris Mareike Steen is Lilly Seefeld, Clemens Löhr plays Alexander Cöster, Eva Mona Rodekirchen plays Maren Seefeld, Wolfgang Bahro Dr. Joachim Gerner, Ulrike Frank plays Katrin Flemming-Gerner, Linda Marlen Runge is Anni Brehme (exit 2018), Felix van Deventer plays Jonas Seefeld, Eric standing festival is Chris Lehmann, Felix von Jascheroff John Bachmann, Chryssanthi Kavazi is Laura Weber, Maximilian Braun plays Luis Ahrens and Maria Wedig is Nina Ahrens. As the actors have changed, you will find out at the link. Which GZSZ character could be himself her, tells you our quiz. Real experts can also answer how the characters are divorced from the series. GZSZ: The Preview The consequences are always produced with seven weeks' notice, accordingly, there are also Teaser RTL, which spoil the events in the future in a preview. We also publish a weekly GZSZ preview and indulge ourselves in speculation as it could go on for the characters. The GZSZ Specials & anniversaries It is a good tradition that RTL makes special Special broadcasts at regular intervals. 2018, the station was able to have with the Mallorca-Special points to the fans, the most emotional moments of this double episode can you leave again pass in review at the link. At the end of New Year's Eve is celebrated in the soap not only the final episode in 2018 is also the 6666 result and an anniversary. They will be broadcast on 28.12.2018. Sunny is in for a terrible experience and believed dead versa possibly back? & Bdquo; Gute Zeiten & ldquo; in Babelsberg Film Park who live near Berlin / Potsdam or pay a visit to the city GZSZ fans should not miss to walk through the original setting and to secure an autograph of their favorite stars. All important information on the tour you get on the website of the film theme park. How it all began "Good times, bad times" was the first daily series on German television. "GZSZ" has been running since 1992 without interruption, and has built up a cult following a solid fan base. Model for the daily soap was the Australian series "The Restless Years", which ran from 1977 to 1981 in the Australian television. First, even the Australian screenplays were taken and only from the 231st episode replaced by own books. For some of the most completely unknown actor RTL series was the springboard for further television or music career. U. a. include Jeanette Biedermann, Yvonne Elliman, Oli P., Simone Hanselmann and Alexandra Neldel to the "GZSZ" -Ehemaligen. Wolfgang Bahro is now the only one who was there from the beginning.

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