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Man always has the right to happiness. Even if the first time he was wrong, if he acted improperly, it still has a shot at redemption and the acquisition of what he had long desired. The protagonist of this series - the young man Ali Bey. He knows that his life will never be the same again. After the death of her daughter, the man is doing everything possible to become happy again and forget all the scandals with his wife, who accused him of the death of a loved one. Of course, the main character is nothing left. The only one with whom he continues to chat - a neighbor who always listen and support in difficult times. The main character is sometimes seen with his son, Sinan, who has long been married and running his own business, but the relationship with the man and his wife are not exactly succeed. Of course, they have a history of family affairs, so own conflict unfolding in the life of Sinan. Of course, in front of the main character can expect anything. He realizes that his world is falling apart, but with the help of his father is still possible to return its former happiness in the house. What will be next? It remains to hope for the best and hope for a positive outcome! Enjoy watching.