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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The southern part of Italy with its capital in Naples is a poor area. And where there is poverty, riotous color flourishing crime. Local mafia, which is called "Camorra" has a greater impact on the lives of ordinary people than the official authorities. And all because the bandits are extremely cruel methods-if you do not obey their laws, soon your corpse will be caught in the gutter.nnIn the series "Gomorra", which is based on the novel by Italian writer Roberto Saviano, this world is demonstrated without any embellishment. The creators show the everyday life of several characters who intersect in life – they just live in the same criminal realities. The first hero-a kind of shadow Finance Minister mafia-accountant, in the hands of which is "common Fund". There are two young Gopnik, stumbled upon a warehouse of weapons and are now actively trying to join the underworld. The third hero is a pizza delivery man, who is used by bandits as a gunner to the apartments of wealthy people.nn"Gomorrah" is a very atmospheric series. This is facilitated by the "live" camera and semi – professional or just little-known actors-these components give the impression that you are watching not a work of art, but a documentary report.

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