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Only with some unusual professions of the characters do not face in Japanese anime from the calligrapher to the winemaker. But one of the most unusual presented in this series – glassblower. It is they who work the father of the main character, who lives in a small town in Fukui Prefecture. The man has his own glass-blowing workshop, so for him it is not just an occupation for making money for a living, but also a matter for the soul.nnSeeing the father's enthusiasm for his profession, the main character, whose name is Toko Fukami, decides to follow in his footsteps. Moreover, she is familiar with many professional subtleties and tricks of this skill since childhood. She is not afraid that her friends will laugh at her for choosing this not the most prestigious and popular work in the modern world. Friends Toko – such as resilient students, like her, enjoying the fact that it is summer and not have to go to class.nnToko does not spend all his free time in his father's workshop – like any young girl, she wants to walk. Therefore, she likes to sit happily with her friends in a cafe. But this carelessness ends when a strange young man named Kakeru appears in the town. He claims to hear voices, and with their hint and found Toko.

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