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  • Comedy
ACE McDougall is an ordinary boy attending a regular high school. It's not the brightest kid he carefully, but lightly, as if to say, you dumbass. Once he had a tooth and his mother took him by the handle to the dental office. But I wish they would have postponed this visit. After all, the boy was in the dentist's chair in a magical time.nnWhen the doctor drilled the Eys tooth, the pain is expected and shouted "Ah!". As it turned out later, it was not just a scream, but a spoken code word. At the same moment the fate of the hero has changed dramatically and irrevocably. Dentist put ACE experimental development-high-tech secret staples. And the doctor's office turned into the office of special agents to combat alien aliens. And the boy, despite his age, joined their ranks.nnFrom that day on, his young life – one continuous adventure. Such a fascinating fate like ACE. He not only fights with aliens, but also independently develops new methods of war with them. The boy finds time not only to save the world every day – between feats he manages to go to school as an ordinary student.

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