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In one of the most peaceful areas of the Japanese capital, a portal appeared, which became an access point to our world for representatives of parallel universes. The streets of Tokyo began to resemble a show of freaks on the road: hordes of orcs and goblins began to roam the neighborhood, scaring the townsfolk to death. However, the Japanese were able to respond quickly and soon shoved all appeared evil back.nnOrder was restored, but the very existence of the Gates continued to frighten the earthlings. To find out more about the areas that can be reached with the help of the portal and their inhabitants, a special detachment was created, which was headed by an avid otaku Reggie Itami. Exploring the worlds on the other side of the Gate, the heroes began to better understand the creatures that inhabited those lands. Moreover, Reggie and his companions even became friends with some of them: a charming elf, a capable sorceress, a mysterious demigod.nnBut, while Itami and members of his group are establishing relations with local residents, the territories behind the Gates are beginning to show increased attention of the earth's superpowers. After all, for them it is only a potential colony with rich useful resources. As if Reggie and friends and not have to go into a confrontation with the grounders.

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