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Seven kingdoms located on the plot of the American, without exaggeration, the world series game of thrones in Westeros are under the leadership of Robert Baratheon – the king who came to power through the blood, after completely destroyed the Targaryen dynasty. Some time after these events, he needs help. The hero of the series decides to turn to his old friend Lord stark, he offers him the place of his right hand, his place - the throne of all kingdoms.

Last hand unfortunately died, and stark so it will be closest to the king. Baratheon I am sure that the previous hand died is not accidental, but intentional. Such an unexpected request and offer of his friend the king Lord stark was surprised, despite the fact that he has many years of living in his own huge castle, this life is quite suitable for him. He is sure that he owes the king and decides to go to the Seven kingdoms. At the same time, Robert's wife decides to throw her husband off the throne. She has long been specially invented for this good plan, which helped her to develop her young lover.

according to the plan of this insidious woman, her son will have to ascend to the throne. As it turns out the hunt for the throne is not only a wife, but old enemies – family Targarona which overthrew a few years ago and they wish to reclaim the throne, which they believe belongs to them. Passion from each series is only heating up. Hatred, anger, love, fire, ice, death, magic, life all intertwined instead, and unravel it can only one person – Azor Ahai.

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