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Complete TV Series Gad Guard by Fuji TV. Seasons included: 1,2,3 in high quality and low size. Click Scroll to download to select the full season.

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The plot of this series is disappointing. 2-3 century the Mankind has exhausted Earth's natural resources. Cities on the planet are few, and the few that are, supplied with electricity on schedule, and not all areas evenly. Reigns something like a new middle Ages. The classic division into" Golden "(we would call it white) city for the richest," day "that is easier, and, of course," night " for the tramps. The protagonist named Hajiki lives with his mother and sister in the poorest part of the city. He has a job (he is a courier, but his mother and sister do not have one), and he disappears on it all day, realizing that there is no one else to feed the family. And once he was approached with an order for the delivery of a certain cargo under the designation GAD. It turned out that these are machines that can take the form that sets the ownerŠ²Š‚Ā¦

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