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As a child my mother often said Toru Honda that every bad girl needs to take with a smile. Do not constantly think about your mistakes and problems, you should draw conclusions and continue to go through life with a person expressing happiness. This advice is forever etched in the memory of the young Honda, and after the death of his mother was her only legacy. Even before the mother's life left the girl's father, so she remained in the care of his grandfather. However, the repair he started makes her go to live in a tent on the edge of the forest. Despite the lack of a house, the Torah continues to go to school and even works part-time, skillfully pretending everything is fine. Relatives and friends do not know about her problems and do not even suspect that she lives in the forest. In her spare time, the girl often walks at the edge, admiring nature, and soon notices a large house with carved figures of animals from the Chinese horoscope. Soon it turns out that he belongs to the most beautiful guy in the school named Yuke and his brother Sigure. Their family gladly accepts the Torah, and when she accidentally talks about her situation with housing, all as one require that the girl remained to live with them. The Torah accepts not even knowing that the family of UCE cursed and one of its members turns into one of the beasts of the same Chinese horoscope.

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