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The film's protagonist, Adam, at first glance, an ordinary man who lives a quiet and measured life. He has all that is necessary for existence. He even has the girl he loves. Adam lived quietly and enjoyed life until the ghosts of the past it is not caught. For all the people around Adam a simple man, who has a little strange. And few people realize what is really is this, seemingly quiet man. But all the secret sooner or later becomes clear. In the world of the dead they found out who actually Adam, and now he was haunted by the same monster, like himself, only the goals are far from peaceful. Adam - Frankenstein, the only monster that was able to adapt to life in the world of the living and remain immortal. During the long centuries of its existence, it has retained its former appearance, sparking envy of many monsters, which have opened the hunt for him. Adam with all his heart he wanted to forget the past and live in peace. But now the horror of the past re-gripped it. Henceforth, he threatened to expose people. But he can not let that happen, because if everyone will know who he really is, then it will never be normal. And so Adam, unwittingly, is entering into a war that has lasted for several centuries among the immortal monsters. And all of them are interested in answer to the main question: how Adam was able to revive itself? Zombies, gargoyles, Dracula and many other immortal beings are willing to do anything to uncover the secret of Frankenstein. After all, if they find out how you can revive immortal, these creatures can create his army of fearless and immortal warriors who are unknown to fear anything. But Adam could not let that happen, because everything that he is now so expensive, may die.

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