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Descended from heaven is a series about alien invasion of aliens, the world is absorbed in chaos and devastation, on earth there was a small handful of people fighting for the right to own their home. The resistance squad is commanded by former history teacher Tom Mason, he and his sons are ready to avenge the death of his beloved wife. The earth was attacked by two races of aliens, upright armed robots and their puppets insect-like creatures. As military forays into the rear of the enemy, it turns out that they are commanded by a more intelligent race called the Espheni. Over time, Tom realizes the forces are unequal and trying to find survivors leads his squad to Massachusetts located in the North-East of the United States. This idea is very dangerous and in the end you can suffer a complete defeat, as the movement of several hundred people can not go unnoticed by the espheni scouts. The way is not easy, but it is the only chance for survival not only of the human race, but also of the entire planet Earth. The series " Descended from heaven "was also called" collapsed heaven", one of the Directors and writers was Steven Allan Spielberg.

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