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Original Title: Faerie Tale Theatre
Channel: Showtime
Creators: Shelley Duvall
Language: English
Description: A few months ago, the scientists of the planet, it became known that the trajectory of a huge meteorite "Scott" has changed as a result of solar activity. Calculations show that the Earth is on its way. Russia and the US government have worked together in the search for opportunities to destroy the meteorite. None of the attempts failed, space missions, "Newton-1" and "Newton-2" failed. In one, initially normal, morning space satellite "Sky-1" falls on the surface of the Earth, because the fragments of the meteorite has already started to enter the Earth's atmosphere. Huge stone with a diameter of 50 kilometers is flying towards our planet at a speed of 90,000 km / h. Blow to happen in 72 hours, and the consequences would be fatal, there is no hope that someone will be able to survive. In the cities, raised an unprecedented panic: people rush to collect things, hoping to escape in secluded places. A simple handyman named Alejandro sees no point in this running around, still all die. He stays at home watching television in the company of a bottle of beer. But suddenly floated to the surface of a family secret does not give him safely to meet his death. Fantastic criminal drama "3 days" can be viewed online in our online movie theater.

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