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Arkady is a Russian chess player and he is considered one of the best grandmasters. He managed to play a lot of games and earn not only a good reputation, but also a sufficient amount of money. However, suddenly in his life there are events that completely change the usual way. In his eyes killed the dearest woman for him. His bride, who was leaving the hotel at that moment and after that he has a nervous breakdown and now he does not want to see or hear anything. And over time, there is a fear of open space, after which the man decides that he needs to stay in this hotel and never leave its territory. however, it is quite expensive to rent a room in it and the man's money very soon ends. And now he needs to look for a way out of this situation, because if he wants to stay here to live, you need to somehow earn to pay for the room. And in order to solve this problem, the man intends to take part in the unraveling of quite complex cases and help the police, he is sure that it will be quite useful for them. And indeed he is very good at showing himself in this dangerous business. However, what will such games lead to and is a man ready for such a life, to which he himself was doomed?

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