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The fifth season will continue to talk about how difficult life is for people who choose a future in the music business. Here there is no confidence in the future and this has all had time to make sure. All that we see from the side is only the tip of the iceberg. Those who believe that the stars live well and easily and they have everything, very much mistaken in this regard. Since those who are at the top today, tomorrow they may be at the bottom. You can't even think about considering someone else. All here only enemies who now cute smile at you in the eyes, and tomorrow you can stick a knife in the back to the hilt. Everyone who was here realized that this sphere is far from their ideas, but those who came here, they have no way back, they are involved in everything that happens here and they have to accept the challenge. If they are weak enough, they will be quickly removed from the pedestal. And this time the passion will burn, those who yesterday swore friendship until death, today will be each other to hate and try to destroy you, for the sake of yourself and your own good. But that really will have to wait for everyone and as all who have been involved will cope with all the difficulties they face?

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