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"Dream House" (2011) - is a dramatic thriller, created by Canadian and American filmmakers. Will Eytenton, writer and editor, after the dismissal decides to spend the time to write a new novel with his family in a country house. At night, his youngest daughter, Dee Dee, who five years, saw a strange man in the window, but her parents are calm and say that she was just scared of your reflection. However, in the morning, when his father cleaned the snow, he saw footprints. The next night Eytenton awakened by a terrible noise. Going down to the basement, he found a company willing that something loudly discussed. After an appeal to the police, Will learns that the house in which he lives, five years ago, the family was shot. The father was still alive, and his wife and two daughters died from gunshot wounds. In addition, police said name of the hospital where treated Peter, father of the deceased. But in the hospital in which he had come, he is told that Peter - is himself. Back at the house, he saw that the house was broken, and the daughters of bullet wounds. The next day, everything was as it was. In the morning a neighbor knocked on the door, saying that Will should forget these events, otherwise he can not go on living like this. But Will says that his family was shot killer, which hired it was this neighbor.