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Several centuries after the Great Cataclysm which nearly put an end to human civilization, the Earth is completely devastated. Lava lakes and large swamps, populated disturbing mutated creatures, covers its surface, while above the horizon cyclonic barrier devastating power, kinesphere never mask sunlight. With crystals Amber Technology, a rare crystal that has the power to cancel the force of gravity, the last survivors built a floating city: Airlandis. Since then they drift above the tumult, in search of a living area having been spared by the disaster. But for how long? Since qu'Airlandis flew over the dark Dread Wing fortress Warnado, this despot mutant assails tirelessly with his armies of winged monsters. The dragon flyz, three brothers and their sister, are the best of Dragonauts Airlandis. Together, they decided to end the Dread Wing's actions. The future of Airlandis and of the human race depends on them and their faithful dragons ...

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