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How many secrets actually keeps cyberspace. Many people know about it, but do not even think about what it is, what people are waiting for there and whether or not to approach it. It was decided to explore the space 404 as detailed as possible and find out what is really there, what secrets and mysteries it actually hides in itself and why it is so important to be so careful with it. However, the more it turns out the more everyone comes to the fact that this space is just incredibly dangerous and being there you need to be very careful if you want to go back. in addition, there are several things that indicate that this space is fraught with a lot of interesting things and if you approach the study of all this from the other side, you can get a very important and interesting knowledge. But at the same time it can be lost forever. And in order that it did not happen, in any case it is impossible to press reset or to come back. But what will happen to those who break these prohibitions, who will do something that should not have been done? Will this secret space let such a person go or will he never be able to return to his usual life?

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