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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Total dislike for the past spy career accompanies the life of a CIA veteran. Too afraid to even think about the possibility once to return to the home office, the man suddenly finds himself at a crossroads. The cunning chief remembers the fighter when he gathers a super strong team of specialists. An experienced agent knows how insidious "secret power 1 season" with its flexible overthrow of authorities and the establishment of new rules. Farewell to his wife causes sadness in the scout, forced to revive his career. Driven by the thoughts of the imminent return home, the individual is in no hurry to trust new colleagues.the Prompt execution of the mission seems to be an effective means for a speedy farewell to state secrets. The main purpose of the operation, despite a significant awareness of members of the squad, remains under a veil of secrecy. Scarce resources to see the full picture of events turn the spy team into pawns of a cunning game. Getting close to exposing the main villains, the leader of the group realizes that the idyll of his yesterday's family life is steadily collapsing. Proven intrigue with a taste of resonant enemy conspiracy are a shock to the restored operative. Now personal motivation for fighting is increasing, but the hardest to find a Trustee to run your own front battles.

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