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The illusion is an optical illusion, when a person sees something that does not exist in reality. This effect has long adopted by magicians all over the world, who conquered all sorts of visual effects naive audience. The audience sometimes seems that they are watching real magic is when a magician produces from an empty hat, a flock of white doves, vigorously sawing his assistant or mysteriously disappears from a locked Cabinet, appearing elsewhere. The townsfolk believe such views are manifestations of magic, not knowing that you see the result of many years of work and the work of complex mechanisms and devices. Cameron black is a famous illusionist whose performances are always in high demand with the public. The guy is the successor of the family dynasty of illusionists, but does not stop on reached, constantly improving their skills and inventing new tricks. Despite the diversity of genre, popular disappear when Cameron mysteriously disappears from a locked drawer, and then a smile appears on the other side of the stage. Even the inveterate skeptics could not unravel the secret of the trick, but in obedience to the fateful coincidence, black alone reveals a family secret. Of course, no miracle at the time of submission will not occur. The point of focus lies in the complex system of mirrors and the presence of his twin brother, Jonathan, about which nobody knows. Enterprising cousins fooling the public for several years, but the idea suddenly end. Jonathan is accused of murder and sent to jail. In his innocence I'm sure the brother of a close relative are not conclusive evidence for the justice system. Cameron decides to conduct its own investigation, and the fate gives him a chance to acquire formal credentials. One day, Blek sees on TV a report about the explosion of the plane, but the trained eye of a professional magician instantly notices the bases. Someone very talented did one hell of a trick. Cameron sees in this event a chance to help his brother, so offers assistance in the investigation of the bombing FBI agent Kay Daniels. The essence of the agreement is simple: the advice and assistance of a professional in exchange for clemency for his brother. A team of special agents in the beginning with a smile, accepts the offer illusionist: the case of the explosion almost closed, but Cameron leads irrefutable evidence of his innocence.

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