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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Science Fiction
In this fantastic film, we will focus on how, based on the considerations of science and scientific research, a journey was taken directly into the depths of space...Six crew members woke up from suspended animation, while in a spaceship that drifts through the expanses of space. And the strange thing – all the characters of one and the same problem – total amnesia, Yes, so strong that they don't even know their names, not to mention some memories of my past... had a team to assign a sequence number from the first to the sixth - to somehow communicate with each other. Over time, it turns out that the animation team brought some problems with the security system on the ship and that it was not a planned revival, and emergency. A joint decision was made that the ship should be inspected, for which the astronauts are divided into pairs. During the inspection, begin to clarify some points and guesses about their unknown past, and it is not so simple, and fraught with many dangers and mysteries.Really have not yet understood themselves, and even more so – in the rest of the crew, the characters already understand that especially open up to each other is not necessary, between them begin omissions and withholding information.The memory begins to come back in snatches, and, in the end, comes the understanding that their amnesia was not for nothing, it is a planned operation. Each of the astronauts found any deadly habit that turns him into a very dangerous man.All they hope only that the spacecraft will land in the designated place, and they will be able to dot the "I". But there it was-the mission of people who can kill and own any kind of weapon can not be light and cloudless. Most likely, in outer space, they were for a reason…

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