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There are few people who have so powerfully influenced the development of the whole mankind by their genius. Leonardo da Vinci-a sort of rebel, not afraid to challenge-both religion and power. It is these characters take their rightful place in history. In the series presented a young period of life from Leo Vinci. This young artist and engineer is burdened with the gift of genius in the most different areas – and this combination is not only a gift, but also a kind of curse.nnFlorence at the junction of XV-XVI centuries is an amazing place: freedom is connected with mysticism, the thirst for truth is suppressed by centuries-old lies, the past does not want to see its future. Leonardo by the will of fate is at the peak of the most acute events taking place in the political and spiritual spheres.nnIn addition, he is full of mysteries from his own life. So, he passionately wants to know who was his mother and why his own father is not particularly eager to recognize him. And, what are the visions began to visit him after writing the painting teacher angel figure? Are all the inventions of Da Vinci – the fruit of the action of demons, but not angels? Does genius have a divine or devilish nature? Each spectator will make his conclusion, after watching this series.

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