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Viewers will be transported to the United States in the 1960s-a time when American society was on the verge of revolution. Movement against the Vietnam war, human rights marches, actions in support of African Americans, street riots, Woodstock, hippies... The country was boiling and raging in anticipation of the Grand events. It seems to be a whirlwind of history and future changes. Each, but not the speaker and unsuccessful writer Sydney Jay Munsinger. He lives with a little bored, but still beloved wife Kay, in his 80 plus makes hairstyles for James Dean and tries to become a second Salinger.В in between visits to the Barber shop, conversations with friends, disputes with households and creativity old Sid writes slogans for advertising, moonlights as a screenwriter on television and feels quite happy. Children and grandchildren are long grown and gone, but Manner rent one of the rooms of his mansion son friends Alan Brockman. Kay works as a marriage psychologist, inviting clients home, hosts and regularly hosts members of the book club, consisting of the same as she, sweet and intelligent old ladies. Alan plans to marry the beautiful Ella and, if possible, grow old with her, as it managed to the spouses Mansinger.В however, suddenly in a quiet and peaceful bourgeois life of the writer and his family bursts into a flighty anarchist lenny Dale. A young revolutionary and political activist escaped from prison. Find shelter she decided not somewhere, but in an old friend of her parents, climbing into her house in the middle of the night. The master class from the girl are the police and the FBI, and Sydney would be happy to escort the intruder away. But Kay, which father and mother lenny once, too, gave orphanage, feels obliged help. Settling in Manner, boorish and uncouth fugitive turns everything upside down, making a cozy summer world intellectuals and their young lodger chaos.

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